Foreign Operations Business Assessment

Group50® Consulting’s Foreign Operations Business Assessment is a subsidiary wide diagnostic that will determine the strengths and weaknesses and possible risks and opportunities that exist inside a company. The result will give the parent company actionable recommendations for current and future planning.

The Foreign Operations Business Assessment is comprised of a multi-day assessment of where the operations stands as a business entity by evaluating its current capabilities, resources and plans used to sustain strong profitable growth from both a tactical and strategic perspective. From a large group of well-known companies that we have worked with, Group50 has compiled a set of key metrics, value drivers, and evaluations which provide insight to the following business functions’ capabilities and resources:

  • Alignment of Subsidiary Strategies with Corporate Strategic Objectives
  • Financial Strength and Viability
  • Strategic Planning and Alignment
  • Performance Management
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
  • Channels of distribution
  • Brand awareness and acceptance
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Quality systems and Metrics
  • Organization: Culture, Development, Succession Planning, Accountability

Group50’s business assessment provides a macro view of the company. In each area, we have developed in-depth company physicals which allow us and the client to go deeper into the performance of strategic business processes. They are offered independently for further evaluations within the specific areas where problems are uncovered by the Company Physical™ or as a stand-alone analysis.

Length of Assessment:
Three or more days depending on the size of the operation and the depth of the assessment and the number of locations

Business Assessment Process:
Consists of 5 steps that are done both on-site and offsite.

  • Review of financials
  • Review of strategic plans with parent company
  • Interviews with top members of management
  • Functional reviews for each critical function and strategic business process
  • Assessments of the market performance relative to the competition

Expected Results:
We will provide a Business Condition Report which speaks to the overall viability, strengths and weakness of the entire subsidiary and gives alerts on current and potential problem areas which need corrective action. The Business Assessment Report will include:

  • Strength/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats inside the subsidiary
  • Determining key value drivers of the company and assessing their impacts on the performance
  • Uncovering “red-flags” of specific and/or potential problems in functional areas of the subsidiary from the metrics analysis and the various evaluations.
  • Short, medium and long range recommendations to correct any problem areas uncovered in order to meet the strategic objectives of the parent company
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