Blockchain – IoT Implementation Planning Workshop


Blockchain and IoT are transformative technologies that have the ability to disintermediate internal and external business practices and processes. Depending on the complexity of the business and the Blockchain – IoT strategies, the implementation plan may be very complex and  multi-year in scope. The implementation workshop is designed to support cross functional working teams in identifying the critical implementation building blocks from the pilot program through full implementation. The implementation roadmap will define how various business practices and processes are impacted and how each blockchain protocol layer will be implemented along with the timing for each of these moves.


  • Define the building blocks
  • Identify timing for each building block and the Blockchain – IoT protocol layers
  • Pilot project for Proof of Value
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Change management plan
  • Business process reengineering plan
  • Technology plan
  • Detailed cashflow plan

Length of Workshop – Multiple days over a multi-week period

Creating the implementation plan will require multiple sessions and breakout meetings with the various functional and cross functional groups as well as subject matter experts from the key functional areas. Depending on the complexity of the strategy the planning sessions may require SME’s from outside vendors as well.

Who Should Participate

  • Key functional leaders and influencers throughout the business
  • Appropriate subject matter experts (SME’s) in technology, finance, human capital and business process
  • Vendor SME’s depending on strategy complexity
  • Program managers who will lead this initiative

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Business impact statement
  • Full implementation plan
  • Finalized cost estimates
  • Detailed change management plan
  • Detailed project plan documents
  • Cross functional teams that are well prepared to implement


Completion of a Blockchain – IoT Implementation plan will provide the business with a multi-period view of how Blockchain and IoT will be implemented and what the business impacts will be, required resources, timing of the implementation of various building blocks and blockchain protocols. Each major project element will have a detailed project justification that includes plans for implementation, change management, cashflows, technology, business process redesign and the organization.


You can  find out more about Group50’s Blockchain – IoT solution Scioebc™, here.


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