Blockchain and IoT Economics and Governance Workshop


Blockchain and IoT are two transformative technologies that can significantly change how a business operates both internally and externally. Companies are making choices about which technologies to implement. This Economics and Governance Workshop is designed to educate senior leadership teams on the economics and governance issues that arise when implementing a transformational strategy in an organizational setting. It can be focused on Blockchain, IoT or the combination of the two. The workshop will focus on the alignment of network participants with the strategic goals of the organization’s implementation. It will provide an overview of key concepts, including incentives, contract design, group decision-making, information systems, and market design, and explain why they are material for blockchain and IoT based business projects.

There will be in-depth discussion on how these concepts apply to the organization’s intended strategies in the context of the existing business and industry. The presenter and senior leadership team will work together to determine which issues are most likely to impact the company’s project(s). This work will position the senior leadership team to choose from identified options in order to refine the strategy for maximum impact and to determine key steps of the implementation process as they relate to aligning network participants and stakeholders.


  • Overview of unique incentive challenges for distributed systems
  • Understand the five economic levers for aligning participants
  • Provide insight to effective economic implementation methodologies
  • Review the organization’s strategy for misalignment pressure points
  • Identify roles of key stakeholders and potential application of economic levers
  • Discuss solutions to misalignment pressure points for organization’s transformational strategy
  • Discuss the role of economic levers for the organization’s implementation plan


Attendance at Group50’s Immersion Workshop or an advanced understanding of Blockchain and IoT applications in business. A preliminary strategic plan for implementing a blockchain-based project in the organization or completion of Group50’s Strategy Workshop. 

Length of Workshop – 1 day

The Blockchain and IoT Economics and Governance workshop will require some upfront work with the presenter to customize the workshop to the company’s industry and the company’s intended blockchain and IoT application.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leadership team and select functional leaders who are responsible for implementing new technologies. The workshop is limited to 20 people

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Requirements for an incentive compatible blockchain and IoT strategy
  • Understanding of economic levers for aligning stakeholders
  • Framework for refining strategy for maximum impact
  • Plan for aligning stakeholders to implement strategy


At the end of the Blockchain and IoT Economics and Governance Workshop, the leadership team will have a foundational understanding of the economics and governance issues that arise in blockchain and IoT projects, and how they can be addressed with respect to the organization’s blockchain and IoT strategy. Attendees will have developed a next steps framework, enabling them to incorporate these learnings into their blockchain strategy and implementation plan.

This workshop is offered in conjunction with Group50 and our strategic partner the Prysm Group. You can read more about the economics of Blockchain and IoT and the topics that will be covered in this workshop at the Prysm Group’s blog.

Find out more about Group50’s blockchain solution Scioebc and additional Blockchain and IoT related workshops here.

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