Blockchain – IoT Business Case Workshop

After building a Blockchain – IoT strategy developing a business case provides the leadership team a well thought through business case that is the final step in moving forward. The business case will provide the leadership team with a validation of the assumptions made in developing an implementation strategy. It will also provide the detail behind the expected impact on all of the stakeholders in the business (internal and external customers, employees, contractors, suppliers), cost, ROI and timeline. Building the business case will be facilitated over multiple sessions and a planned period. It will also require the engagement of various people in the organization and is part of an effective change management plan.

• Identify impacted organizations and functions over the stakeholder base
• Detail the impacts to organizations, technology and business processes
• Define the organizational needs for implementing the strategies
• Identify disintermediation points across the stakeholder base
• Create a financial impact model and ROI
• Identify the most cost-effective approaches
• Complete an implementation model

Length of Workshop – Multiple days over 4+ weeks
Building the business case will require multiple sessions and breakout meetings with the various functional and cross functional groups that are impacted by the company’s Blockchain – IoT strategies.

Who Should Attend
• Select members of the senior leadership team
• Key functional leaders and influencers throughout the business
• Appropriate subject matter experts in technology, finance, human capital and business process

Expected Learning/Outcomes
• Full understanding of the intended strategies
• Level 2 knowledge of Blockchain and IoT
• Requirements of an effective change management plan
• Financial impact including cash flow requirements
• Detailed knowledge of implementation methodology
• Level 2 roadmap

Completion of a Blockchain – IoT business case will involve a significantly larger group of people who will have participated in creating a transformative business model. They will understand the full scope of the strategy while gaining more knowledge on how to leverage blockchain – IoT technologies in its implementation. Business case team members will have a full understanding of its impacts to the business as well as the required changes to people, process and technology. They will also understand their role in its successful implementation. They will have participated in putting together the financial models and ROI and will understand the implementation roadmap. Finally, the team members will be the champions during the implementation and will be capable of leading the change management plan.

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