Sales Force Effectiveness Workshop

The Sales Force Effectiveness Workshop is meant to follow the Sales Force Effectiveness Assessment. During this workshop, you will review your current selling organization, understand some of the components of best in class systems, determine which areas have the most important gaps, and create an initial Action Plan to address the issues.


  • Redefine your selling organization all the way from product development to the end user
  • Assess the selling needs of your products
    • Market, Channel, Category, Sophistication, Media Streams, etc.
    • Understand the product life cycle revenue model
  • Understand your customer’s key “wants and needs” and how your Sale Team is addressing them
  • Complete a Gap Analysis of your selling organization vs. Best in Class Organizations
  • Create an initial Action Plan to address the top priorities discovered during the Gap Analysis
  • Understand the critical sales organization Key Performance Indicators

Length of Workshop 3-5 days

  • 1 day pre-work preparing data and assembling team
  • 0.5 days completing a Gap Analysis and prioritizing the results
  • 0.5 days presenting findings to key stakeholders
  • 1-2 days working session (with key stakeholders) to create an actionable plan
  • 0.5 days writing action plan and final report

Who Should Attend

  • Heads of Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Product Development, HR
  • Any Organization Leader who will be responsible for the success of the plan(s).

Expected Learnings/Outcomes

  • Understanding of Continuous Sales Improvement
  • Understand the different channels and skills required to optimize sales based on product analysis
  • Initial draft of a plan to ensure all components of your selling organization work together to identify customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Communication Plan to share process, milestone/progress and outcomes.

The participants in the Sales Force Effectiveness Workshop will have an in-depth understanding of who should be considered part of the selling organization and of the tools, resources and processes required to create a Best In Class Selling Organization. This will enable the organization to create and deliver an Action Plan that addresses the top opportunities in the Sales Force Effectiveness arena.

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