Introduction to The Business Hierarchy of Needs®

Workshop Overview

In this workshop, senior stakeholders will be introduced to the Business Hierarchy of Needs®, anSupply Chain Hieararchy of Needs integrated framework for developing and implementing a business strategy. The workshop will walk senior leaders through the relationship of the 29 elements of this framework to successfully executing strategy, methods for creating it, the utilization of the “Where To Play” and “How To Win” strategic planning methodology and the processes for achieving full engagement across the entire stakeholder population. This workshop will provide enough information to senior stakeholders so that they can make an informed decision on if this approach is appropriate for the company.


Develop a full understanding of the Business Hierarchy of Needs® and decide if it is appropriate for the company

  • Effectiveness of the current Missions, Vision, Values and Leadership Traits
  • Understanding the importance of the “Most Important Goal”
  • Summary of status of Value Proposition, Stakeholder Needs, Customer Awareness
  • Full understanding of “Where To Play” and “How To Win” strategic planning methodology
  • Recognition of importance of Levels 2 and 3 in the Business Hierarchy of Needs®
  • Understanding of the full change management model
  • Creation of a plan to discuss implementation and need for a change from the current process in the company

Length of Workshop – 4-8 hours         

Workshop Size – Up to 15 participants 

Who Should Attend – Critical Stakeholders including members of the Board of Directors, Senior Staff, and other critical stakeholders


  • Prework by attendees
  • Presentation
  • Break out groups
  • Group discussion

Expected Outcome

  • Decision on appropriateness
  • Next steps for creating the company’s Business Hierarchy of Needs®
  • Implementation roadmap


The Business Hierarchy of Needs® is a process that requires full agreement from all senior stakeholders for development and implementation. In order to make an informed decision on moving ahead, senior stakeholders will understand the implications of moving ahead and will have reached consensus on approach, timing and will have created a steering committee for further planning. This workshop supports Level 1 of The Business Hierarchy of Needs® and is a step in creating a “Culture of Strategic Execution™”.

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