Launching Strategic Initiatives Workshop

Workshop Overview
This workshop typically follows an assessment by Group50® but can be used for any strategic initiative. Launching a strategic initiative, implementing a new system or making any major change requires not only addressing the underlying process issues but also planning effectively and engaging the key stakeholders in a focused and sustainable manner. The Implementation Workshop for strategic initiatives for senior leadership is designed to establish full alignment and to develop a roadmap and structure for implementation of the initiative(s) leveraging the most robust change management and engagement methodologies available.


  • Plan and jump-start the initiative by creating a detailed and focused roadmap, achieving alignment among senior leaders, energizing and engaging teams and commencing the change journey.
  • Educate and train the leadership team to think critically, “outside-in”, put customer first and methodically overcome structural paradigms.

Length of Workshop
One or more days depending on the complexity of the change initiative(s).

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Leadership and critical stakeholders
  • Initiative Sponsor(s)
  • KPO/PMO officer and direct reports and those responsible for the activity (cross functional)
  • Organizational change agents and key influencers

Expected Outcomes

  • Initiative(s) alignment to company’s Most Important Goal and strategic needs
  • Agreement on how success of the initiative will be measured.
  • Alignment of senior leaders on how the initiative will be implemented.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Creation of team charters.
  • Creation of a change management plan, including training requirements.
  • Development of a communication plan.
  • Setting performance objectives and KPI’s.
  • Management review process.
  • Implementation roadmap.

Participants in the Implementation Workshop for Strategic Initiatives will be fully aligned on how to implement the initiative(s), who is accountable and how to measure success of the implementation and the initiative itself. The output will define how they will drive change in actionable, measurable and cost-effective terms while identifying issues and risks in the organization that may impede successful strategic change and sustainable performance.

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