Lean Management in Healthcare

Lean Management in healthcare is not new, it’s been around for over 15 years. There are a lot Lean Healthcare consulting companies out there that are willing to teach you their version of Lean Management in Healthcare but Healthcare is very complex and very different. One of the most challenging aspects of using Lean in Healthcare is Lean Management or managing in a Lean environment.

A Lean Healthcare consultant must have an extensive knowledge of the healthcare environment, an appreciation of healthcare organizational complications and the creativity to achieve process improvement by applying Lean principles and techniques.

Group50 Healthcare is dedicated to providing a Lean process improvement methodology explicitly developed for use in the healthcare industry. It is a Group50 Healthcare goal to use Lean to close the gap between healthcare needs and results, through meaningful process improvement, and offer healthcare leaders performance improvement options that target regulatory demands, complex operational circumstances, the dynamic organizational environment and current and future financial challenges. Group50 Healthcare is committed to the needs of Healthcare, providing solutions that are flexible, scalable, adaptable, cost effective and committed to providing sustained change. 

Group50 Lean Healthcare Consulting will:

  • Provide Lean for performance improvement that is effective and affordable
  • Supply Lean healthcare consulting and teaching techniques such as Value Stream Mapping that will be used and embraced by healthcare organizations
  • Supply everything an organization will need to build their own Lean Management system(s)
  • Furnish healthcare organization with a single source of truth for Lean process improvement and continuous improvement
  • Establish a performance improvement standard for healthcare
  • Make Lean in Healthcare easy to reach for everyone in the healthcare industry.

Choosing a healthcare consulting firm should be done carefully.  It is important to make sure that the firm has all of the tools required to do the project and a methodology that guarantees that when the project is completed, your team is capable of carrying on without the consultant.  Our methodology is simple:

  1. Complete a current state assessment and document the actual workflows utilizing tools such as Value Stream Mapping and SWOT analysis
  2. Identify strategic and operating gaps between the current sate and the future state
  3. Lead a cross functional workshop with critical client resources to plan a future state roadmap that includes people, process and technology solutions
  4. Support the implementation in whatever way best serves the client:  Program management, consulting resources, interim SME’s to augment client resources, training, technology, etc.

Group50 healthcare consultants have over ten years of Lean in Healthcare experience and know how. They have completed over 100 projects with a diverse group of clients in every function, service line and department. They have provided Lean management advice and coaching to the highest level of leadership and have taught Lean basics to front line staff and have the resources to implement technology as well.

Contact an Lean Healthcare Consulting expert today at (909) 949-9083, request more information here, or drop us a line at info@group50.com

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