Get on the Train or Get off at the Next Stop! – Inflection Point

Get on the Train or Get off at the Next Stop! – Inflection Point

By: Carol Marzouk   |   blank  February 21, 2021

Have you ever met someone, and the instant they shook your hand, looked at you, or opened their mouth, you found yourself looking for an impromptu escape that wouldn’t signal to them just how much you disliked them for no apparent reason at all?  What if you then realized they worked at your company?

Why on earth is it that some people just rub us the wrong way from the onset? 

The answer is quite simple, and you know it already:  It’s our brain.  We have a love hate relationship with it, don’t we?

Our brain KNOWS we can’t pull up a chair and a portable machine, every time we meet someone, to assess if they are an asset or a liability to us and our company before we decide if we should stay or get the heck OUT of their presence.  We need to make a judgment in the HERE AND NOW during that eye contact and their clammy handshake!   It’s an automatic process.  Our beliefs, experiences, and biases from a lifetime all work together at that moment to make that judgment we fail to realize we even made…and JUST LIKE THAT, they end up in our plus column or, sadly for them, in our minus column.  

Subsequently, if they had the misfortune of ending up in our minus column, it’s very difficult for them to prove themselves worthy, since our brain is so good at looking for evidence to support our subconscious new belief of that person.  This of course, causes distrust, which is why “baby toxicity” is born. Much like an older sibling when a newborn arrives, “trust” starts to feel unwelcome in it’s very home.  We LOVE to feed the baby, and the baby grows and grows, while we see less and less of that older sibling.

Picture going through a growth spurt in your family, (aka your company, see where I am going with this?) and at the very time when you need your children most, they turn on each other and create havoc.  You know who I am likening your children to, right?  So, let’s move on.  These growth spurts in your company can also be described as an inflection point.  As we grow, we expand, and as we expand, we tend to cause a bit of strain in crucial areas; your talent being one of them.  

Oh, humans. We can’t live with ‘em and we can’t live without ‘em.  The very beings who bring you success and joy also cause the communication and cultural strain that drive you toward that whiskey every night you swore you would wait until Friday to drink.

When your company is at an inflection point and showing signs of strain, the last thing you need is more drama, less productivity, and more waste and inefficiency.  BUT…what if we could change all that?  What if we could initiate a self-awareness system within your executive team that would change the game?!  I know you are thinking by now… “For goodness sakes, woman, WHAT IS IT?! SPIT IT OUT!”

Well, you’re not going to like this:  You, as the head of the company, have to say “YES!”  

“Yes” to admitting there is an issue. “Yes” to stopping pretending that the conflict will go away on its own, “Yes” to noticing how much money the company is bleeding out with the absenteeism, loss of productivity, high potentials leaving, workers comp bills, shrinkage, and I could go on…(Ok, I will…)

“Yes” to stop throwing band-aids in the form of one-off trainings with binders that sit on the shelf.  “Yes” to putting a system in place where people seek self-awareness, behave differently and are held accountable for it. We don’t want a system that’s good for a day, for a week, for two weeks, or for two months.  Instead, a system carefully constructed by your team so that they buy into it immediately and that lasts.  A system where the accountability and results are baked in and there is nowhere to hide.  A system that has each of them inviting others for feedback and it becomes commonplace at your company to seek it and give it.  

During any inflection point, it is crucial your team pauses, assumes they have made many judgments and assumptions that are causing bias in their decision making, and questions their thoughts instead of blindly accepting them.

You can read more about an Inflection Point here.

Let’s not leave anyone from your team behind!  If you have “Lions” roaring in the workplace, making it harder for everyone else to get things done, or if your company is going through a growth spurt and everyone needs to get aligned before they get on the train to the next STOP, the next level, of success, give us a call at (951) 888-5857, visit our website or drop us a line at

Our Team of 6 experts will make sure you are well equipped for success in all areas of Growth, Strategy, Finance, M&A, Sales, Marketing, and, you got it, Talent!

That is the principal behind Inflection Masters!  We understand how to align the company to create value, produce efficiency and drive demand so that companies can break through their inflection point into a whole new trajectory of growth.

About the Author: Carol Marzouk is the founder and CEO of Leadership N Soul, and one of the Inflection Masters experts.  Known as the Executive Lion Tamer®, for her three decades of leadership, communication, and conflict resolution work with those who some consider to be the “toughest” C-level executives, attorneys, and surgeons, she has been called a behavior strategist and communication transformation magician by her clients in all industries, from small businesses to well-known conglomerates.  

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    Judy April 30, 2021 at 8:31 am

    VERY well said, NO band aides they just end up getting old & peeling off.
    Thank you so kindly for sharing Miss Carol

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