Exit Planning and Transition Readiness Test Results

Thank you for taking the Exit Planning and Transition Readiness Test. Your results will not be shared with anyone but you. You will be receiving an email from info@group50.com that summarizes the answers you gave to the questions and the number of points for each answer.

Your score was

If your total score was over 80, you have done a great job of putting together your strategies and an execution plan. As always, every plan should be reviewed frequently to assess its viability and to make mid-course corrections. We recommend a review every 3-6 months with your exit plan/transition quarterback. We can facilitate those reviews if you would like.

If you scored less than 80 on the test, it is our opinion that you have a lot of opportunity to improve the quality of your strategies and execution plans. It would be our recommendation that you contact one of Group50®‘s Exit Planning and Transition experts for a free 60 minute discussion on the results of your test. During that call, we will provide you with further information which will help you think through some of the issues you may be dealing with and we will also offer some suggestions for short, medium and long term solutions that may be available to you.

Exiting the business you have built can be taxing. It is an emotional decision that needs to take into consideration your needs as well as the needs of your family and the employees who helped you make your business a success.

At Group50®, we are committed to helping you take as much emotion out of the equation as possible and maximizing the ROI for your efforts. You can see a presentation on exit planning and transition readiness here.

You can reach an expert at (909)-949-9083, send an email to info@group50.com, or request more information here.

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