Distribution Assessment

The Distribution Assessment is designed to be a multi-day assessment of operational improvement opportunities and risk in distribution. This assessment will look at the key functional processes and provide interested parties with a high level overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that exist inside the distribution function in a company

The areas of focus in this assessment are:

  • Distribution strategy and practices – strategy, planning, accuracy, customer service levels
  • Planning and operations – Inventory requirements, staffing deployment, effectiveness
  • Systems utilization – WMS, bar coding, systems integration, sales and operational Planning
  • Inventory accuracy – methods, auditing, performance
  • Quality – scrap, rework, audit effectiveness, cost of quality, quality systems
  • Housekeeping – policies and performance
  • Efficiency and utilization – workforce and facilities
  • Supply chain effectiveness – lead times, working capital, logistics, vendor planning
  • Organization – quality, skill levels, structure, HR processes and procedures
  • Management effectiveness – management systems, focus, strategic execution

Who is Involved:
Senior operational leadership and key distribution and operations personnel

Length of Assessments 2 days (depending on the size and complexity of the operations)

  • Data request – Operational strategic plan and existing data/reports that management reviews on a routine basis.
  • 2 days On site(s) review – Tour of facilities and interviews with key operational executives
  • Report generation – Findings

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Methods to reduce employed working capital
  • Recommendations on how to optimize the supply chain and distribution methodologies
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Ways to increase utilization and efficiency
  • Programs for improving inventory accuracy and system utilization
  • Management methods

The client will receive a report that summarizes the SWOT analysis for their distribution operation(s). It will highlight the short-medium-long term opportunities and risks that exist and include recommendations on how to address these issues.

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