Culture as a Business Imperative Workshop

The Creating a “Culture of Strategic Execution™” workshop builds upon a company’s Business Hierarchy of Needs®, its Most Important Goal (MIG) and its strategic imperatives. During the workshop, we will work with the attendees to identify how it will fully engage all stakeholders in the achievement of its MIG, and implementation of strategies and tactics. Working primarily in Level 2 of its Business Hierarchy of Needs® – Knowledge and Change Management, the workshop focuses on addressing current and future state operating, organizational gaps. During the workshop, attendees will define existing gaps and the organizational requirements for its future state. Attendees will create an action plan and roadmap for addressing the requirements of performance management, hiring practices, skills development, succession planning, organizational design and compensation that are needed to begin the journey of developing and sustaining a strong and engaged “Culture of Strategic Execution®.


  • Understand the Knowledge and Change Management requirements of a company’s Business Hierarchy of Needs®
  • Identify current gaps in skills, organization design and performance management
  • Engage a cross functional group of leaders to develop a roadmap to the future state
  • Create a plan for alignment, agreement, and accountability throughout the organization
  • Develop a performance management framework that supports the company’s MIG and strategic plans
  • Optimize organizational design

Length of Workshop: 2-5 days over a multi-week period depending on size and complexity of the organization

Who Should Attend
A cross functional team of Senior Leaders, HR Leaders, Influencers, and middle level leaders

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding the components and benefits of a strong engaged culture.
  • Methods for fully engaging all stakeholders
  • Planning for the future state organizational needs
  • Communication plan to share process, milestone/progress and outcomes.
  • A culture change strategy, roadmap, and action plans.

Attendees to the “Culture of Strategic Execution™” workshop will have an in-depth understanding of the organizational and people processes required to achieve the company’s MIG and successfully implement it strategic objectives.  They will also fully understand the techniques for fully leveraging the existing talent base and how to create a future state organization that will significantly outperform the existing organization. They will know what is working and what needs attention throughout their organization and come away from the workshop with a fully developed roadmap for implementation that addresses the short-medium-long term opportunities.

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To read more about this workshop fits in developing a “Culture of Strategy Execution™” you can order Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs® here.


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