Culture as a Business Imperative Workshop

The Culture as a Business Imperative Workshop builds upon Group50’s Cultural Assessment if the client company has completed one. The assessment determines if your Company’s Culture is a benefit or a barrier to achieving exceptional business results. During the Culture Assessment we gathered the data on the current state of your culture, compared these findings with both “best in class” organizations and leadership desired future state. During culture as a Business Imperative Workshop, attendees will create an Action Plan to begin the journey of developing and sustaining a strong and engaged culture of strategic execution.


  • Understand the components of a strong engaging Culture
  • Understand the current organization’s culture
  • Determine if the culture is enabling or hampering bottom line results
  • Create strategy and action plan to develop a strong engaged culture of strategic execution

Length of Workshop 2-5 days

  • 2 day workshop if Cultural Assessment has been completed or
  • 5 days – data collection/assessment and 2 day work shop (pre-work, collecting data, assembling team, Interviews, preparation of a Gap Analysis and prioritizing the results)

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Leaders, HR Leaders and Team Members who will be responsible for implementing the Culture change.
  • SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and “Culture Thought Leaders” as required

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding the components and benefits of a strong engaged culture.
  • Initial draft of a culture change strategy and action plan
  • Communication plan to share process, milestone/progress and outcomes.

Participants in the Culture as a Business Imperative Workshop will have an in-depth understanding of their company’s culture, how it supports or detracts from delivering strong business results, and how to implement cultural change. They will know what is working and what needs attention throughout their organization and will develop an action plan that addresses the short-medium-long term opportunities.

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