Creating a Value Proposition Workshop


Companies who truly understand their Value Proposition are more effective in developing products and services that differentiate them in the marketplace. It also provides more impact in their sales and marketing activities as well as results. The Value Proposition is often misunderstood or unknown throughout an organization. Just like Mission, Vision, Values, Leadership Traits provide stakeholders with a sense of culture, the Value Proposition provides stakeholders with additional guidance on how to significantly improve Market Effectiveness. In this workshop, we work with leadership to develop/refine the company’s Value Proposition and create a plan to integrate it into the company’s market facing activities as part of our “Where to Play” and “How To Win” methodology.


  • Develop a marketplace view of a company’s Value Proposition
  • Define and agree upon the company’s Value Proposition
  • Create a communication plan
  • Involve stakeholders in discussions on how to integrate it into their current efforts

Length of Workshop:  2-3 weeks through multiple sessions

  • Prework collecting data
  • Market research
  • Discussion of results
  • Formulation of Value Proposition

Focus of Workshop

  • Understanding the marketplace view of a company’s products and services
  • Engaging leadership in creating the Value Proposition
  • Defining ways to leverage it in current initiatives

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Full understanding of the view of the company regarding their Value Proposition
  • Development of the Value Proposition and defining how it is part of the company’s Most Important Goal
  • Creation of a plan to leverage it in current and future initiatives and strategic plans
  • Communication plan


A company’s Value Proposition is a critical foundational component in a company’s Business Hierarchy of Needs®. It needs to be leveraged in everything stakeholders do to support the company’s achievement of its Most Important Goal and business strategies. In work we have done with clients, they often see completely different path or adjacent paths for the company and usually see significantly improved sales and profits.

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To read more about how this workshop fits in developing a “Culture of Strategy Execution” you can order our CEO’s book here.

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