Compensation and Benefits Practices Workshop

The compensation and benefits workshop focuses on ensuring your Company’s Compensation and Benefits programs are: in legal compliance, are delivering an appropriate ROI, and are delivering best value for your employees. This workshop, will assess current systems, check to ensure legal and diversity compliance, gauge whether your HRIS and online systems are delivering as designed, and determine if the benefits programs are a good value for the Company and your employees. At the end of the Workshop, you will create an initial Action Plan to optimize your Comp/Benefits programs.


  • Understand the components and functionality of the complete Compensation and Benefit systems.
  • Standard Salary Systems, Bonus, Commissions, Leadership Plans, Incentive Plans, Options.
  • Formal Med/Health programs vs. Affordable Care Act
  • Informal Perqs vs. expected ROI
  • Assess the status of your Company’s HRIS and Online systems.
  • Develop a Compensation and Benefits Strategy
  • Complete a Gap Analysis of your systems vs. Best in Class Organizations.
  • Create an initial Action Plan to address the top priorities discovered during the Gap Analysis

Length of Workshop 3-5 days

  • 1 day pre-work collecting data and assembling team
  • 1-2 days interviewing Subject Matter Experts to determine functionality, efficiency and compliance(Internal and Brokers as required).
  • 0.5 day completing a Gap Analysis and prioritizing the results
  • 1-2 days Creating an actionable plan

Who Should Attend

  • HR Leaders and their Team Members who will be responsible for implementing the change.
  • SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) as required: Legal, Payroll, Benefits, Brokers, External Resources.
  • Organization Leaders who will be responsible for ensuring the success of the compensation and benefits plan(s).

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding the components and benefits of a fully integrated Talent Management processes.
  • Initial draft of a Talent Management Plan and the components to make it successful
  • Communication Plan to share process, milestone/progress and outcomes.

The participants will have an in-depth understanding of the tools, resources and systems of effective and efficient Compensation and Benefits systems. They will know what is working and what needs attention throughout their systems and will develop an Action Plan that addresses the top opportunities.

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