Total Cost of Ownership Workshop

This workshop is focused on working with the senior leadership team on developing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models for the company. The workshop will provide an in-depth understanding of TCO and its capabilities for focusing the organization on the key drivers of cost. The workshop is designed to be completed over a multi-week period that will culminate with a customized TCO model and implementation plan for the company.


  • Learn about the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Define the key elements of cost
  • Create custom TCO model(s) for the company
  • Define key measures for TCO
  • Identify strategic and operating gaps in the company’s data gathering and measurement processes
  • Create a TCO implementation plan

Who Should Attend:
Senior leadership and key procurement and sales personnel

Length of Workshop 1-3 days (depending on organization size and complexity)

  • 1 day for introduction to TCO, identifying cost elements and data gathering assignment
  • 1 day for data review, discussion of strategic and operating gaps
  • 1 day for goal setting, preparing the implementation plan and developing the TCO process

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding Total Cost of Ownership and how to use it in the business
  • Developing the primary cost drivers in the business and understanding how they affect various functional activities
  • Focus on business processes that significantly impact cost
  • Understanding the full procurement and decision making processes in the company
  • Customized TCO model(s)

The Total Cost of Ownership model, when created and implemented properly gives everyone in the company the ability to fully understand the primary cost drivers inside the company for procured products, components and systems and for the cost of products and services the company sells. They will understand how these cost drivers affect profitability and identify hidden costs that haven’t been focused on in the past. At the end of this workshop, a company will have customized the appropriate TCO model(s) and have an implementation plan that will clearly articulate how TCO will be introduced, implemented and managed inside the company.

For more information or scheduling contact:
Group50® Consulting
Los Angeles, CA
(909) 949-9083
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