Data Acquisition and Management Assessment

This assessment examines how well your organization acquires and manages critical business information with a benchmark to global best practices. It is based on the “what gets measured gets managed” principle and starts with an assessment of the key performance indicators required to implement the company’s business strategies. The assessment will review how well these KPI’s have been integrated into the company and will look at the quality of acquired data and the effectiveness of management review companywide. The final report will provide the senior leadership team with a thorough understand of the strategic and operating gaps in the data acquisition and management process.


  • Review strategic metrics
  • Assess key dependencies
  • Understand how well the metrics are cascaded throughout the organization and the effectiveness of the implemented management tools
  • Identify the strategic and operating data gaps
  • Understand the management review process and its effectiveness
  • Comment on how well each part of the organization is responding to metric accountability
  • Outline hurdles to addressing gaps
  • Deliver a Final Report that identifies key opportunities, potential ROI and improvement roadmap

Length of Assessment 4+ days (depending on organization size and complexity)

  • 1 day per site data collection and review
  • 2 days on site and via phone interviewing key stakeholders
  • 1 day preparing final report

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding how well metrics are tied to strategy
  • Organizational metrics map
  • Acceptance of metrics and accountability throughout the organization
  • Effectiveness of the management review process
  • Recommendations for dealing with strategic and operating gaps in measurement, accountability and management review process

The final report will provide the senior leadership team with a full understanding of how well the company does in managing to key performance indicators that are tied to strategy. The final report will deliver a review of how the organization compares to global best practices and what the strategic and operating gaps are in the data acquisition and management process. It will also provide recommendations on how to improve the management review process throughout the company and the effectiveness of the tools utilized to gauge performance to metrics. The report will also provide a roadmap for implementing short/medium/long term fixes.

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