Change Management Workshop

The Change Management workshop focuses on ensuring your company is ready to implement the change necessary to consistently deliver expected results AND has a Culture to support significant long term change. The Workshop will demonstrate the benefits of a strong Culture and how Change Management Readiness can drive business results. During the Workshop, you will create an Action Plan to begin the journey of developing sustaining a strong engaged culture of strategic execution.


  • Understand the components of a strong engaging Culture
  • Assess the status of your Company’s ability to support Change
  • Develop a Culture/Change Readiness Strategy and Action Plan

Length of Workshop 3-5 days

  • 0.5 day pre-work collecting data and assembling team
  • 1-2 days interviewing Subject Matter Experts, Leadership, and a vertical slice of the organization
  • 0.5 day completing a Gap Analysis and prioritizing the results
  • 1 day training and creating action plan

Who Should Attend

  • HR Leaders and their Team Members who will be responsible for implementing the change.
  • SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and “Culture Thought Leaders” as required
  • Organization Leaders who will be responsible for ensuring the success of the plan(s).

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding the components and benefits of a strong engaged Culture.
  • Initial draft of a Culture and Change Management Plan and the components to make it successful
  • Communication Plan to share process, milestone/progress and outcomes.

The participants will have an in-depth understanding of Culture, how it supports or detracts from delivering strong business results, and how to implement Cultural Change. They will also understand the difference between Change Management and Change Readiness and where the organization resides in that spectrum. They will know what is working and what needs attention throughout their organization and will develop an Action Plan that addresses the top opportunities.

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