Group50 September Newsletter: Strategic Planning

Group50 September Newsletter: Strategic Planning

By: Jim Gitney   |     September 12, 2017

Strategic Planning season has started for most companies and the following articles highlight the most common concerns we hear from our middle market clients. I wanted to share these thought provoking articles, written by our various functional experts, in the hope that they will help you and your team be better prepared for your 2018 planning activities….


Five Things You Need To Do To Drive Continuous Improvement Part II

In Part I, I identified 5 things you need to do to drive Continuous Improvement. In this article, we show how business strategy should drive continuous improvement programs and not the other way around.
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Middle Market Growing Pains

Middle market leadership teams are faced with the challenge to maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace and keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology. They are on the threshold of a new world of operational efficiency, productivity and customer engagement through
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Should IT Infrastructure Be A Top 3 Business Priority?

IT Infrastructure has been viewed as a “cost center” and IT Operations “a necessary evil” because significant human and financial capital expenditures have been required to maintain a functional system. Over the last few years, middle market companies are beginning to realize that IT infrastructure can be used as a competitive advantage.
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A Strategic Approach To Assessing IT Infrastructure

We have often heard middle market client executives say, “We continue to spend a lot of money on our IT Infrastructure, but how do we know that we are getting our money’s worth?” Are our existing technology and software investments effectively meeting our current needs? Are our IT/IS platforms serving the company’s current life cycle needs and

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Leveraging Technology For Your Next Wave of Productivity

Most leadership teams believe they have a pretty good handle on how well the company is doing from a cost and productivity standpoint. They probably know the people side fairly well: $Revenue/$labor or $Revenue/person are examples of standard measures. Attempting to understand how efficient their business processes is more challenging

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7 Critical Processes You Live or Die By

Working capital, cash flow and operating profits are primary measures of senior leadership performance. Companies audit their financials every year to validate compliance and performance, but typically don’t have an audit plan for critical business processes that impact these performance measures and the customer’s perception of performance.

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I hope these articles provide some value add to you and members of your team. If you are thinking about having your strategic planning process facilitated, or want to have an assessment of a part of your business to identify strategic and/or operating gaps, call me at +1 (909) 949-9083 or drop me a note at


Jim Gitney, CEO Group50 Consulting



About Us: Group50 provides seasoned consultants, advisers, interim executives and board members: Trusted resources who have spent their careers in corporate America and who have worked at every level and in every function. Our strength is Global Manufacturing and Distribution and clients in other industries such as healthcare, big data, telecom, technology, retail and non-profits have found the methodologies and continuous improvement tools we use to be of great value to them as well, because we have the skills to identify strategies and tactics that can leverage the intersection of people, process and technology.

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