Talent Management – Succession Planning & Career Planning – 8th in a Series

    Exit Planning or Transition Readiness Survey

    canstockphoto21418779Exiting the business you have built can be taxing. It means giving up what you have created: or does it? Many founders are choosing to transition to a new role in their business doing what they love to do, rather than exiting. Regardless of your thoughts, 90% of business owners don’t have a plan and haven’t done the necessary exit planning. How ready are you? It is an emotional decision Continue reading Exit Planning or Transition Readiness Survey

    Morphing Evaluations Into Strategic Execution

    For most employees, the yearly ritual of sitting across the table from their boss and receiving feedback on their prior year’s performance is completed. According to a study done by Leadership IQ, only 13% of managers and employees feel that year end reviews have a positive impact on them and only 6% of CEOs thought the performance reviews their organization used were effective. They believe that evaluations don’t impact strategic execution.

    So, given these dismal statistics, why do organizations continue to spend so much precious energy and time utilizing a system that is at best distasteful and at worst a waste of corporate resources and good will?

    The answer isn’t all that complex. It is what we have been taught to do during our careers and, given the lack of an acceptable alternative, something we continue doing. After all, we must do something to tell our employees how they are performing. Yearly evaluations have become a “check the box” ritual.

    This ritual can be retooled into a Strategy Execution Consulting Services process that maximizes the productive input Continue reading Morphing Evaluations Into Strategic Execution

    News Flash: 100 of 100 People Die (Succession Planning)

    In this age of the entrepreneur and “self-made businessperson,” it can be easy to forget that all professional careers eventually come to an end. More than once I have seen a successful, visionary leader without a succession plan: a family successor or business plan for post-retirement have to shut down their business, or have it shut down, because they did not have a plan or process to sustain the business after they move on. This situation is a shame- to see all of that value created over years of commitment and hard work evaporate due to the lack of a plan.

    Exit and Transition planning is an important part of their responsibility. They owe it to their family, their employees and themselves. Many owners are “battle weary” in this continuing, tough economy, but it’s tough to retire or “semi-retire” absent confidence in the next wave of company leadership. Continue reading News Flash: 100 of 100 People Die (Succession Planning)

    Learning Maps To Grow Your Future Leaders

    learning-maps-componentsIn the “new normal” organizations have to do with the resources they have or trade them out. As companies have slimmed down to the best performers, they are still faced with the prospect of growing them to become the future leaders of the company. Learning Maps and Knowledge Management are critical elements of successfully management companies. Growth is a basic imperative for companies today. One is to grow sales. That one is easy to identify and requires a concerted effort by an organization to focus and communicate effectively, while keeping their eye on the marketplace. If you don’t have 100% market share, growth is very possible, but every function must have the skills to support that objective through more highly skilled teams in sales, engineering, customer service, supply chain and marketing. But how do you grow organizations and create its new leaders? Learning Maps provide and Individual Development Plans (IDP) are another key element in the development of an organization. With the addition of online education and a carefully crafted learning and development map, it is possible to identify and grow near term leaders. Continue reading Learning Maps To Grow Your Future Leaders

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