What is Performance Management?

    Why Is Management a Dirty Word?

    canstockphoto15793683What is all this hype about Management vs. Leadership? Everyday we are bombarded with information on the differences between them, the benefit of one over the other and the necessity to be great at both. Everyone wants to be known as the “great leader,” but does anyone want to be known as a great manager and what happens if you drop the management ball?

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    Consensus Leadership Isn’t Real Leadership

    canstockphoto8677854The pendulum has swung too far on Consensus Leadership. In a New York Daily News article published on January 3, 2001, called “Not Exactly His Father’s Cabinet, But It Could Be,” Michael Kramer wrote that Abraham Lincoln‘s observation is worth recalling: “No matter what the cabinet thinks, only one vote counts.” Abraham Lincoln was unquestionably a great leader. That can’t be said about all leaders. More and more, we are seeing consensus leadership styles get in the way of organizations getting things done: leadership Continue reading Consensus Leadership Isn’t Real Leadership

    Embracing The Status Quo Undermines Business

    canstockphoto5562159If you or your stakeholders think that embracing the status quo is the path to thriving, then think again! – Think you can sit back and coast for a few weeks, a few months, a few years? Think again! – Think your competitors will sit back and coast for a few weeks, a few months, a few years? Think again! G. K. Chesterton wrote, “If you leave a thing alone you leave it to a torrent of change. If you leave a white post alone it will soon be a black post. If you particularly want it to be white you must be always be painting it again; that is, you must be always be having a revolution.” Without intervention , without progressive change, without revolution, everything in our work and our lives gets worse . Our Continue reading Embracing The Status Quo Undermines Business

    Boomers and Millennials: Can’t We Just Get Along?

    Businesses are just now beginning to wrestle with harmonizing between generations of workers and managers that may be as different as any combinations that have preceded them: the post WWII Boomers and Millennials. Can they get along and how do you create a culture of strategic execution with them?

    There continue to be many Boomers still in the work force, partly due to their need to delay retirement in hopes of rebuilding wealth lost during the recent downturn. Millennials, generally viewed as having been born between about 1980 and 2001, are beginning to establish themselves professionally in the throes Continue reading Boomers and Millennials: Can’t We Just Get Along?

    Pushing with Both Hands: Employee Coaching and Development

    In business, there are four key elements: equipment and technology, processes and systems, information, and people…but people are the active ingredient and coaching and development are critical to success.

    The most important work an effective leader can do is to get the most out of his/her people, helping them perform at highest levels today and grow to contribute more tomorrow. The leader who can coax “growth spurts” out of the people in the organization adds the most lasting value to the business, a value that multiplies as others take up the mantle of effective coaching and development.

    Yet, giving feedback to employees, particularly formal “review” feedback, is often one of the least-liked tasks for many managers. It can be uncomfortable, particularly if there are disagreements about areas for improvement. But, good coaching should be somewhat uncomfortable, at least for the person being coached. You don’t learn when you are comfortable, but when you are uncomfortable…and coaching is all about Continue reading Pushing with Both Hands: Employee Coaching and Development

    Over-Led and Under-Managed – Leadership and Strategy

    When I was a general manager of a leading consumer business in the mid-90’s, one of my managers came to me one day and challenged me with the statement: “We are over-emphasizing leadership and under-emphasizing management.” I pondered that, not understanding his point initially, and subsequently concluded that he was right and went about changing my leadership approach to bring management and leadership into right balance. Since that time, however, whether in my role as a business executive or presently as a consultant, I continue to see the “over-led and under-managed syndrome” regularly, even in Continue reading Over-Led and Under-Managed – Leadership and Strategy

    Effective Strategic Execution: Cascade

    cascading-objectives-throughout-the-organizationDuring a keynote address at IIR’s Balanced Scorecard Forum, Robert Kaplan, a leading international business management guru, revealed “that less than 10% of formulated strategies are executed effectively” and an international survey indicated that consistently executing strategic objectives were in the top three concerns of CEO’s and corporate boards. Kaplan also added “that it is a well know fact that organizations who have a formal strategy execution process dramatically outperform the rest”. Effectively and consistently implementing corporate strategy requires all stakeholders to be aligned to those objectives, understand their role in achieving them and be accountable for effective implementation. If your company doesn’t have a formal process, then the hard work is figuring out what one looks like. A strategic execution process must Continue reading Effective Strategic Execution: Cascade

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