Peak Performance Workshop

Workshop Overview:
Companies that want to have a high performance culture need to have a well thought out plan on how to energize their organization with a focus on the company’s cultural and strategic objectives. The one day Peak Performance Workshop reviews the key activities an organization must take to have leaders and employees who are aligned, engaged and achieving higher levels of performance. During this interactive workshop, attendees will be challenged to apply learned techniques and create a road map for implementation in their organizations.


  • Establish leadership commitment
  • Identify business strategies that employees will be accountable to
  • Group exercises focused on how to elevate employee performances
  • Develop a road map for the implementation of simple techniques to move their organizations towards a high performance culture

Length of Workshop
1 day of prep work and 8 hours of classroom time

Who Should Attend
Members of organizations who want to have more effective employees and leaders but have not been able to:

  • effectively align their organization to the company’s strategic objectives
  • hold employees accountable
  • engage teams in successful collaboration
  • motivate Gen Y employees
  • provide effective feedback to employees
  • get required results

Participants Should Include

  • Senior Leaders, managers, supervisors and team leaders throughout the organization

Expected Learning

  • Effective leadership
  • Establishing the appropriate mind set
  • Methods for accountability<
  • Robust feedback and employee engagement
  • Effective motivational techniques
  • Properly setting cultural and performance objectives
  • Methods for meaningful measurement (KPI’s, target goals, etc.)
  • Techniques for instilling innovation and change

After attending the Peak Performance workshop, attendees will have a overall view of how to properly set goals and objectives for employees, provide appropriate feedback, significantly increase employee engagement and accelerate teamwork. Attendees will come away from the workshop with an action list of things they can do achieve immediate results.

For more information or scheduling, contact:
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Los Angeles, CA
(909) 949-9083
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