Bill Eveleth

Bill Eveleth

By: Admin   |     January 21, 2016

He is a finance expert and an expert at performance management. He also teaches college at the graduate and undergraduate level. He is the author of three books on goal setting and operations management. During his career, Bill has worked for CitiCorp, AT&T and Qwest Communication. His most recent corporate job was as a Senior Vice President of Finance in a $22 B company where he managed a team of over 500 professional employees. He and his family lived in Belgium for two years where Bill was on assignment as an Expat with AT&T. Bill’s corporate work included making mergers successful at AT&T and working through many of the challenges of the Qwest/US West merger. While in Europe Bill was the leader of the working group (reported to the BOD) responsible for implementing the UTEL (Ukraine) joint venture between Deutsche Telekom, PTT Netherlands, AT&T and the Ukrainian Ministry of Communications.

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