Inflection Point – Consequences of the Road Not Taken
  • Inflection Point – Consequences of the Road Not Taken

    What does a company do when an economic inflection point causes their core value proposition to becomes less than relevant – overnight?  When macro-economic changes, like a pandemic, change absolutely everything – including all of the value you have built with your customer base?
    That’s the problem Starbucks was facing when its long standing “Third Place” value proposition (more…)

  • The Great Reassessment – Inflection Point

    McDonald’s is now focusing on delivery at 30,000 locations? B2B buyers now prefer omni-channel interaction vs the usual way of doing business?

    What is going on?

    While much of the world is slowly re-emerging and wondering when everything will return to normal, most business owners are waking up to find out the world has already changed.  Irrevocably. (more…)

  • Help!  I Stopped Growing! – Inflection Point


    One of the universal truths in the revenue growth business is the seemingly random glass ceilings preventing further growth that companies of all types experience at certain levels of revenue. The most impenetrable one I have seen is at the $10M revenue mark – an inflection point.

    Imagine my surprise (and sense of validation) when I saw an Inc magazine article  about how many companies are stuck (more…)


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