The Role of Marketing Automation in Process Improvement & Strategic Execution
  • The Role of Marketing Automation in Process Improvement & Strategic Execution

    Ever sincFiresnape software-as-a-service (SaaS) entered the picture several years ago, huge leaps have been made in how businesses leverage technology. Not just from an IT perspective, but from an operational and strategic perspective as well. Along with this trend came the explosion of acronyms such as CRM, CMS, ERP, and others which are now common terms used among marketing, sales and IT departments worldwide.


  • You Might Be Sitting on a Revenue Growth Goldmine

    canstockphoto18120804It’s natural and often advisable to get excited about “the next big, new thing” and focus your energy and revenue growth emphasis accordingly. However, just as there is continuing truth to the old business axiom, “Your best revenue growth opportunities are often with current customers”, it’s also true that companies abandon “old platforms” too quickly.


  • Customer Compromises: Where Innovation Lives

    Your customers will spawn innovation if you are paying attention.

    If you are like many leaders, you remember the great new ideas that were early springboards for your company’s success. For some reason, however, your new products and services “pool” seems to have dried up over the years. What happened? Have you become less creative? Has your organization grown complacent and removed from customers and how your products are used? Perhaps you’ve just been looking in the wrong places.


  • You’ll Exit at Some Point—Are You Ready?

    ExitIf you are like most business owners, your days are fast-paced, your activities varied and your time precious—it’s likely that you are among the 87% of owners who have no written exit plan. Yet, despite the value you’ve created in your business, you will exit at some point and need to figure out how to reap the fruit of your efforts while leaving a successful, ongoing business legacy.


  • How can Anti-Strategy Kill your Organization?  Part II

    Employee EngagementAnti-Strategy occurs when an organization’s strategy is not clear and functional leaders and individuals make choices in their best interests. Some call this “silo thinking” some call it “self-centered,” but without a clear Corporate Strategy it is impossible for groups to align to what is right for the entire organization! Without a clearly articulated Corporate Strategy, each function works on their priorities seemingly without regard to other department’s needs. Here are some examples of Anti-Strategy: (more…)

  • Why Do Companies Frequently Under Manage

    canstockphoto5460324Entrepreneurs are wired differently than most, often “painting outside the lines,” seeing things others don’t. But their vision, creativity and drive can come with a cost. They under manage and most don’t manage their companies or themselves well.


  • Most Organizations Are In Danger of Falling Apart

    canstockphoto25179541Organizations that aren’t guided by clearly articulated strategy and objectives have a tendency to wander and fall apart. Their foundation is weak and they have inadequate structural supports. They don’t have something to use as a litmus test for making decisions.


  • Strategic Execution: Your Plan or Your Organization?

    mckay1118-231x292If your Strategic Execution™ is hit-and-miss, you are not alone—only 10% of all companies execute well to their strategies. There are lots of contributors to companies’ poor execution to strategy, but one that holds many back is organizational readiness. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL football team set a record for pro sports futility in its first two years—26 consecutive losses in 1976 and 1977. At a press conference after the record-breaking 20th loss the late John McKay, then the Buccaneer’s coach, was asked, “Coach, how do you feel about your team’s execution?” McKay quipped, (more…)

  • Deborah Wexler Joins Group50 Creating a Consulting Presence in Chicago, IL.

    December 1, 2014 Los Angeles, CA
    Group50® Business Management Consulting Firm announced today that it has significantly expanded its consulting resources and tools in sales force effectiveness, organizational development, and change management. Jim Gitney, CEO and Founder of Group50® commented….”Strategic Execution is the cornerstone of a company’s success and our sweet spot. Our clients want to work with a consulting firm that has broad expertise and deep bench strength. I am pleased to announce that Deborah Wexler has joined Group50. As a career consultant, Deborah has helped companies design and execute their strategies through effective use of their people, processes and technology. She has led (more…)

  • Your Health… Your Business Processes… What’s The Difference?

    canstockphoto14645036Recently, I was working with a senior leadership team who was convinced that the key issue in their business was industry knowledge. They were thinking that a lack of industry knowledge was the root cause of their issues in the marketplace. It was difficult to get them to focus on the other issues in their business. While I agree industry knowledge is important, it is only one of the seven business processes every business needs to do well in order to be successful. In this case, the people running the business knew their industry very well, but were lacking knowledge in many other areas. If too much emphasis is placed on one area such as industry knowledge, then the business is likely to realize mediocre results. Businesses need to: (more…)


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