Digital Transformation Case Study – Inflection Point
  • Digital Transformation Case Study – Inflection Point

    $6M in annual savings, $15M in future cost avoidance, $2+M working capital reduction, 900% ROI


    A $300M per year in annual sales CPG company is experiencing significant growth and has hit an Inflection Point, where people, process, and technology were struggling to support the size of the business. The entire company, every function was using “brute force” to make things work. The company wants to increase sales by 50% in five years, but (more…)

  • Solemn Memorial Day

    I am not going to wish you “Happy Memorial Day”, I am going to wish all of us a “Solemn Memorial Day”.
    During this weekend, I have been touched by the thought of Freedom. Over the last 16 months, we have not been “totally” free. We have tasted what it is like to be restricted in our freedoms, reminded of what it must be like for billions of people around the world who can’t enjoy the freedoms we expect and mostly take for granted. The pandemic, like many other attempts to restrict our freedoms is behind us, but not for billions of people around the globe.


  • Strategy Doesn’t Matter – Unless You Can Execute It…

    Studies indicate that 90% of all companies do not execute their strategic plans effectively. So, only 10% of companies execute their strategies!? Why is there a problem with Strategic Execution™; the ability to implement strategy effectively and sustainably? Is it because they don’t care? Feel like strategy is a check the box activity?

    There are multiple issues here that companies need to deal with: (more…)

  • Don’t Sell Products, Sell Systems – The Product Lifecycle Revenue Model

    The concept of “system selling” is applicable to all products and services. System selling extends the lifecycle revenue of products and services. The wisdom of offering products and services that don’t stand alone, but which intimately fit into a greater system for the end user or client, continues to be sound and exploitable by marketers. It is a necessary element in OMNI channel strategies, product management and the Product Lifecycle Revenue Model. Why? (more…)

  • Is Your Company at an Inflection Point?

    Every company comes to at least one business or economic Inflection Point during its lifecycle.  Inflection points are when a company’s size is straining its people, processes and technologies. This typically happens at revenue ranges of $10, $25, 50, $125m $250 and $500 million in annual revenues i.e., when they double in size, but it can also happen at an economic inflection point where a downturn in the economy has caused the company to downsize and it struggles to handle the growth from an economic upturn.

    The challenge of an inflection point is that it takes time for leadership teams to (more…)

  • Strategic Maturity – An Imperative at This Economic Inflection Point

    Strategy and its execution are a challenge for every organization, especially now with the economic inflection point every company and consumer is facing. Strategic Maturity is where a company develops a cohesive strategy and executes it through the participation of all stakeholders (Board of Directors, employees, suppliers, customers, end users and contractors). Being a class B company further complicates the matter. Strategic maturity is now more important than ever and has become an imperative. Without it, companies will not be able to (more…)

  • Podcast With Jim Gitney on What to do About Moving Through an Inflection Point

    Growing a business is not as simple as applying a sales formula or launching an innovative product. The approach for growth changes as your business evolves through its business life cycle. Each time a company doubles in size, it hits an inflection point: a time in a company’s life cycle where its people, processes, and technologies are struggling to support the business.  When that happens, (more…)

  • Strategic Planning Playbook

    We recently published a blog on Virtual Strategic Planning and have received many inquiries from readers for more information.  We believe that getting your strategic plan right for 2021 and beyond is the most important thing a company can do.  Because of that we have decided to offer our strategic planning playbook free to anyone who requests it.  If you want a copy, send us a request to or request it here. (more…)

  • Virtual Strategic Planning and Strategic Execution

    The majority of our consulting work has been virtual and like everyone else we have adapted by developing a virtual strategic planning and strategic execution process. To us and our clients, this remote workforce thing has not been as bad as people feared. Many leaders believe that employees are more productive when working from home and several companies are reducing office space and headcount because of it – one part of their strategic plan. They all agree that executing strategy has presented more challenges because (more…)

  • Navigating Growth Through an Inflection Point

    We recently worked on a project that required the integration of two $30M companies. Both had grown to this size in a short period of time and had systems that supported their individual sizes relatively well. When the two were combined, they pushed across an inflection point. An inflections point is when a company’s systems, business processes and organization structure are struggling to support the size of the company and are incapable of supporting future growth to the next inflection point. (more…)


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