Manufacturing – Process Value Stream Case Study
  • Manufacturing – Process Value Stream Case Study

    1. Identified $4.9M in process improvement savings, a 17% productivity improvement
    2. Increased throughput between 25 and 100%
    3. Increased First Pass Yields between 15 and 60%
    4. Redesigned multiple workstations and processes (more…)
  • Supply Chain Strategy – Case Study

      1. Identified large growth opportunity in a downward market.
      2. Market study on how to differentiate in the market through supply chain.
      3. New business and supply chain strategies.
      4. Defined strategies for leveraging installed base.


  • What do Strategic Thinking, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, and Employee Engagement Have in Common?

    Strategic thinking, operational excellence, continuous improvement, and employee engagement have many things in common. They are all driven by a core set of inextricably linked operating principles. They: (more…)

  • What are the 5 Phases of Lean Deployment?

    Lean Deployment is the implementation of a prescribed set of Lean Principles throughout a business and the engagement of all stakeholders (employees, vendors, temps, contract workers, 3rd party providers and customers) in that deployment. Lean Principles are a set of guidelines and best practices for optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes in business and manufacturing. (more…)

  • What is Kaizen? – An Overview

    Kaizen is a process improvement methodology where stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees and contract workers) at every level work together to implement process improvements at the business level and on the shop floor.  These improvements may be (more…)

  • 3 Ways to Increase Service Revenue with Clients Utilizing The Business Hierarchy of Needs®

    As consultants and advisors our mission is to provide services to our clients that help them resolve issues in their business and positively impact their business performance. By taking a holistic view, we can increase the breadth of our services which will increase both short term and long-term revenues. Often, it isn’t obvious to us what the potential broader impact of our work is, or how our services can be broadened to have a greater impact. By considering the elements of the Business Hierarchy of Needs®, we can optimize our efforts, with laser sharp focus on fixing client issues, improving client performance and increasing the scope of our work. The Business Hierarchy of Needs®, shown below, (more…)

  • Streamlining Operations in Preparation for 2023

    Question: Has your company streamlined the business processes and staffing that were changed over the last three years?

    First: We had the pandemic which caused every business to significantly change the way they work. Second: Coming out of the pandemic businesses had to ramp up operations like never before.

    In every business we have worked with over the last 3 years, (more…)

  • Application of the Business Hierarchy of Needs®

    This is a section from my book:  “Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs®” which was released on 1/9/2023 (Buy Now) and will be available as a hardcover on 2/9/2023. You may want to refresh your knowledge of the Business Hierarchy of Needs® before reading on or just take a moment to study the image below to better understand this framework that is designed to turn strategy into results by taking a close look at the image.


  • Lean Supply Chain Management – 2022 and Beyond – Supply Chain Hierarchy of Needs ™

    Lean Supply Chains, while still important are not robust enough to meet the needs of today’s global supply chain requirements. Jim Gitney, the CEO of Group50 Consulting, discusses new requirements and methods for Lean Supply Chain Management and introduces the Supply Chain Hierarchy of Needs ™ as a guide to implementing Lean and Agile supply chain (more…)

  • Objectively Picking The Right Manufacturing Location

    Is picking the right manufacturing location purely an objective exercise or is it subjective as well? The answer is yes to both. The objective side clearly affects your P&L, while the subjective side effects the risk to your P&L. In choosing the right manufacturing location it is important to do the analysis with 4 key objectives in mind. They are as follows: (more…)

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