Nobody is coming for you… It’s YOUR Quadruple bypass.
  • Nobody is coming for you… It’s YOUR Quadruple bypass.

    Disarm the Naysayers and Virus Spreaders Before They Infect Your Growth

    The Doctor didn’t mince words, “You need a quadruple bypass,” he said to my client.  You can argue that it was his diet, his anger issues, his marriage, his overworking, his lack of self-care, his company’s inflection point, or all of the above.  If you were to videotape his behavior prior to the DIS-EASE that overtook his heart, you would probably zero in on the anger issues being the cause.  He would (more…)

  • Risky Business…Is your company wearing Tightie Whities?

    How a Culture of Controlling Risk Affects Growth and movement through an Inflection Point.

    Most of us who grew up in the 80s remember Tom Cruise sweeping the floor, singing, in nothing but a white shirt, tightie whities, and socks.  We all took whatever resembled a microphone, threw caution to the wind, and pretended to be him.  I am no longer a big Tom Cruise fan, but I am still a huge fan of (more…)

  • Get on the Train or Get off at the Next Stop! – Inflection Point

    Have you ever met someone, and the instant they shook your hand, looked at you, or opened their mouth, you found yourself looking for an impromptu escape that wouldn’t signal to them just how much you disliked them for no apparent reason at all?  What if you then realized they worked at your company?

    Why on earth is it that some people just rub us the wrong way from the onset? 

    The answer is quite simple, and you know it already:  It’s our brain.  We have a love hate relationship with it, don’t we? (more…)


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