Market Effectiveness – Marketing That Doesn’t Erode Your Profit Margins
  • Market Effectiveness – Marketing That Doesn’t Erode Your Profit Margins

    It’s not how much money you make; it’s how much you get to keep. Unfortunately, as the cost of labor, materials and shipping goes up your profit margins go down and you get to keep less and less of your revenue. The natural response to this dilemma for many organizations is to raise prices, reduce services, cut overhead or just accept lower margins and hope to make up for it in volume. Any one of these options has risks that must be weighed very carefully. If only there was a way (more…)

  • What is Fractional Marketing – A Way to Accelerate Your Market Effectiveness

    Every business owner wonders what more their company can do in marketing and sales. This is the reason why they have sales meetings, create action plans and track what the competition is doing. There is always an opportunity to improve, to move forward, to get more customers and to grow sales. In today’s environment, companies are faced with a perfect opportunity to take market share and improve market effectiveness. When (more…)

  • Market Effectiveness in the New Normal

    By many accounts, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has peaked and is slowing down. And while there is still some time before stay-at-home orders are lifted and non-essential businesses are allowed to reopen nationwide, there is an end in sight. It has been a very difficult time for businesses and individuals; the repercussions of the event will (more…)

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