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Every business leader needs to think through certain aspects of their business Books By Group50 Consultantsstrategies. The following Books by Group50 consultants are a result of each author crystallizing their thoughts on topics that are important to many of our clients and demonstrate their expertise. We hope you enjoy them…

  • The Customer-Driven Company: Managerial Perspectives on Quality Function Deployment:

    Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a structured approach to defining customer needs or requirements and translating them into specific plans to produce products to meet those needs. The “voice of the customer” is the term to describe these stated and unstated customer needs or requirements.

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    The Process Driven Business: Managerial Perspectives on Policy Management:

    Policy Management is influenced in special ways for process driven businesses

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    Quality Up, Costs Down: A Manager’s Guide to Taguchi Methods and QFD:

    Interest in Taguchi Methods (TM) and Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is surging as companies continue to report their successes with these quality enhancing techniques. Still, for many general managers, just the mention of these terms is intimidating. This book demonstrates, through a collection of straightforward, enlightening essays written by managers for managers, that TM and QFD are really as simple as Quality Up, Costs Down.

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